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7 Parody Movies That Were Pure Genius

A list of some of the best parody movies ever made.

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1. Airplane!


Airpane! is a movie that was released in 1980 and also got a sequel. Don't let the date fool you, this movie is still an all time classic.

Best line :

"surely you can't be serious''

''i am serious and don't call me Shirley''

3. The Naked Gun Series


Formally known as ''Police Squad'' before it became a movie, it was a TV show that aired in the 80's. Lead actor Leslie Nielsen provides endless laughs as Frank Dreblin.

Best line :

“Nice Beaver.” – Frank Drebin

“Thank you. I just had it stuffed.” – Jane Spencer

4. Scary Movie Series


If you love horror and comedy then the Scary Movie series is exactly for you, it parodies movies such as ''Scream'' and ''I know what you did last summer'' just to name a few.

Best line :

Doofy: ''What's that noise?''

Drew Decker: ''Ooops. I farted, I didn't think you would hear me.''

5. Hot Fuzz


Simon Pegg plays a badass cop and does so brilliantly, including epic laugh out loud moments.

Best line :

Nicholas Angel: ''Your a doctor deal with it.''

PC Danny Butterman: ''Yeah motherfucker.''

7. Kung Pow : Enter The Fist


Director Steve Oedekerk puts himself in a 1976 Hong Kong karate movie, needless to say the end result is incredibly funny.

Best line :

Master Pain (Betty): ''What do you get when you cross an owl and a bungee cord, my ass.''

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