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9 Apps Every Student APPsolutely Must Have

Guaranteed must have apps.

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1. Headspace

Free - iOS & Android

What is it: An on the go meditation app to help get you through those stress awful days.

What you're missing: Sessions designed to fit your personal style and they are as short as 10 minutes..literally!


Free - iOS & Android

What is it: A positive inspirational community for students around the world to get recognised and celebrated for their achievements.

What you're missing: Get inspired daily from different, incredible peers from all around the world. Connect and befriend with someone in Tuvalu or Peru. Participate and win scholarships and awards simply for being the best you!


Free - iOS & Android

What is it: It's never been easier to pick one up a new language! Switch between Français et Anglais dans le même conversation just for the fun of it.

What you're missing: Impress your friends and family by learning a new language. With simple, personalised daily goals to help you become have no excuse not to be at least bilingual.

Circle of 6

Free - iOS & Android

What is it: At a party and stuck in an uncomfortable situation? Well, with two clicks you can let your six closest people know where you are and how they can help you.

What you're missing: A safe way to let those who care about you know that you are ayok.


Free - iOS

What is it: No more searching for your pens and planner just to write down what homework you have to do or that to-do list you need to make.

What you're missing: Your very own digital personal assistant to remind you about your homework...unfortunately you'll still have to do the work on your own.


Free - iOS & Android

What is it: No more getting stuck on a math problem for endless hours. Simply point your camera at the problem a behold, a solution to all your problems (the mathematical ones of course).


Free - iOS & Android

What is it: Ever wanted to learn coding? This is your chance do to it at your own pace.

What you're missing: Everyone can do it whether you're 13 or 80, you can all be code-masters! With open enrolment basically you can start whenever.


Free - iOS & Android

What is it: We've all set those "get to a certain weight by summer" goals. Here is an easy way to track and achieve those goals.

What you're missing: An all in one pack to help you reach your summer goals! Everything from calorie counter, to a log book for recipes you find online and want for later.


Free - iOS & Android

What is it: Group project sharing simplified. Share PowerPoints, word docs. or any other media with your classmates all within two minutes and three clicks...yes, I actually counted.

What you're missing: No more having to email yourself a presentation before class. Your or anyone your teammate can access the presentation online!

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