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The Initial Period Of Attraction To A Senior At Office

Crushing on a boy can be a pretty amazing experience for girls when it is for the first time. If you are a girl at a point in life especially during the teenage or when you are in your twenties a guy will become the king of your world. The girls who had no relationship can not identify whether the person they are feeling connected to is a love interest or just a like.

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1. Don't Take It Too Serious

Every individual got his / her persona aura. Some people gain extreme importance in the eyes of others because of their expertise in the workplace. It is normal for young girls to like a senior at the office who is dedicated towards work and is good looking. This is because he at first becomes a role model for the fresher and afterwards a person they like to talk with. There is a big difference between the initial period of attraction and what really happens after you actually talk with the person you were crushing on.

2. Did You Read Your Company's Protocols

In most of the cases, the girls are attracted to man because of their outer appearance and sometimes the way they conduct their work. Without knowing how they are in the personal life the girls put their job in danger by trying to start a relationship with their seniors. Sometimes they are ready to break the protocols made by the company and do not even think about how their image and self-esteem is getting damaged.

3. Who Should be Your Adviser?

At such times it is important to talk with a person who works in the same field to know how to deal with the situation and concentrate on your work rather than a handsome colleague. Generally, the female feels embarrassing to take advice from parents on such issues and often go to a friend who she has known for years. But your parents have already experienced all the things in life and no one can give you better advice than they. Once you explain your problem to your parents, maybe they will scold you, but only they can provide you with the right solution.

4. Talk to the Right Person

So instead of feeling awkward or being demoralized by not having the person you want in your life, it is better to discuss your situation with an elder to know what the right step to take is.

Discussing with your parents the difficulties you face in workplace and save you from adverse professional consequences sometimes even termination. If there is an issue at work which you have to deal on your own it is better to take some advice from the parent to know what the next thing you should do is.

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