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5 Creepy Things The Girls Do When They Have An Office Crush

When a girl crushes on a guy in workplace unknowingly she gets herself involved in a network of the difficulties which cannot be resolved. Let’s have a look at one of the most prominent consequences and situations you will face after having an office crush–

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1. You Analyze Every Single Move You Make

Whatever you do at the office every time you would think how it will impact your crush. Definitely you will take extra measures to look your best for impressing the man. In the office you plan your tasks thinking about him making your work messed up. All gets complicated because you live a life of a slave. Admit it!

2. You Will Get Butterflies in the Stomach When He is around

When you both have a direct eye to eye contact or some interaction; either you will feel uncomfortable or overreact when he is around. In both of the cases, you act like a weirdo and a creepy girl. It will create trouble as it you grab the attention of other staff members sitting around you. He may not talk with you further so keep clam and don’t let lose the excitement.

3. You Stare at Him

If the young man has a charming smile then you will find it tempting to look at his face again and again. If hiding your feeling is important for the safety of your job it is vital not to stare the person. Staring not only makes other people uncomfortable but, they quickly get to know that you are getting magnetized towards them.

4. You Want to Go to Work Even at Weekends

You will bother yourself to rush office, even at the weekends when the special one is working at the office. It is an unwise step if you just go for the sake of him and have no tasks or work to complete. You will sit idle wasting your time fantasying about a relationship which does not exist.

5. You Text Him the Worst Things

Okay, this I am sure everyone does once in a lifetime, to text a boy in order to start conversation. But the worst part is that it damages your image and makes you a cheeky.

I think the girls should avoid these things in order to create an atmosphere where they can have maximum growth and succeed. Find a guy outside your office or at least someone who is not one of the team members.

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