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Top 12 Reasons To Be A GAEL!!

Being a Gael is one of the most rewarding experiences!! Here are 12 REASONS why you, YES YOU, should come to Wanna Be A Gael and APPLY!!!!

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1. Because you get to do the ArtSci Dance ONE! MORE! TIME!

"I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive. (This is what it sounds like!)

2. So that you can show some of that good ol' fashioned Queen's University Spirit!!

3. You know what that means. SPIRIT BATTLES!!!!

But I'm not…a professional cheerleader….though.

4. Because Gaels get to go to a super cool super fun MYSTERY ROAD TRIP!


5. We just know that you'd look super good in BLUE!

Blue/ Blue Steel - same thing right??

6. Also fanny packs could also very much be a thing.

7. Oh right! That also means NO LAUNDRY FOR TWO WEEKS!!

You will live and breathe in those blue shirts!!

8. And you get CROWNED!!

9. You get to meet so many cool new people who could potentially be your new best friend!!

And by potentially, I mean definitely.

10. Among which will be your very own Gael FAM!

You will DEFINITELY learn the true meaning of FAMILY with the lovely folks you'll meet.

11. Being a Gael also comes with your own super Adorkable OC!

12. And most importantly, so that you can be that PERSON for the incoming first year.

You can be that coffee hang out, that Netflix buddy, that study buddy, that shoulder to cry on, that guide when they're lost.

And all you have to do, is BE YOU!!


Brought to you by your Friendly Neighborhood Orientation Committee

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