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    22 Harsh Realities Of Moving To A New Place As Told By "Friends"

    In honor of the show's 10-year anniversary, why not look at some things the show has taught us about moving.

    1. At first, you're so happy and excited to be moving to a new place.

    2. But then you realize that moving is actually hell.

    3. First you realize that you've shoved everything into one closet and fear having to pack all the stuff that's in it.

    4. You end up finding old pictures and videos that you regret taking.

    5. You find it super difficult to pack all of your clothes.

    6. Don't even get me started about having to clean up the old fridge.

    7. You have trouble figuring out which things are yours or your roommates'

    8. Moving also becomes super hard on your pets.

    9. You try to ask your friends for help but they just have no interest in helping you.

    10. Or they say yes and decide to dick around.

    11. Of course you end up having that one friend who tries to clean and arrange EVERYTHING.

    12. You find new ways to move things around.

    13. But moving big furniture through stairs will always be a bitch.

    14. Once you get to the new place you don't feel like unpacking.

    15. You think after awhile you'd stop procrastinating but you just don't get around to unpacking those boxes.

    16. At some point you just give up and leave everything outside.

    17. Or you start but decide to take a nap.

    18. You will end up getting overly frustrated and dramatic from the move.

    19. And rely on your friends to motivate you to keep going.

    20. But at some point you start to have fun unpacking.

    21. And soon enough you're all done and you can relax.

    22. Then BAM! Your new place looks amazing!

    Thank you "Friends" for 10 years of awesomeness.