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This Is How People Watched Stuff In 2008


Listen, to all you 2018 kids out there with your "5Gs" and your "streaming," you don't know how hard we had it in 2008.

1. First of all, we had cable and satellite TV. That was it. If you missed something, oh freakin' well!

2. Wanted to watch a show that wasn't on anymore? You were out of luck.

3. DVDs ruled our lives. Binge-watching meant we were gonna have to get up to change the DVD at least three times.

4. And renting things was still a pretty big deal.

5. If "standard definition" wasn't good enough for you, your best bet was Blu-ray.

6. Not to mention dealing with eight different remotes just to hit "play."

7. But it wasn't totally impossible to find what we wanted to watch online...through ~maybe~ illegal free streams.

8. Even though we had to press "pause" and wait around five hours for the stream to buffer.

9. The amount of just plain amazing TV out there in 2018 would've been staggering to any of us in 2008.

10. But there was a light at the end of the tunnel: 2008 was the very first time you could stream on a TV.

So in conclusion: Thank you, 2018 kids, for letting us old folks vent a little.

And appreciate what y'all got in 2018, because it's pretty damn great.

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