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    5 Life Hacks You Need To Know If You're Trying To "Adult"

    Here we are. Caught somewhere in between climbing the ladder to success and having no idea what we're doing. For some of us, "adulting" is coming as quite a challenge. Can I party until 3 a.m. and show up for my 8 a.m. meeting? What are taxes? What is a savings account? So many questions and not enough answers. So here are 5 serious and not-so-serious life hacks somebody should have told us about adulting.

    1. Taxes Are Scary

    2. Keep a Your Checking Account Away Different From Your Savings Account

    3. How Come No One Teaches You To Write Your Resume?

    4. Better Yet...Why Does No One Teach You How To Find a Job?

    5. Tires Need Lovin' Too

    6. When All Else Fails, Wine About It...