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    • Roggy McGee

      Jeff Flake, like most elected representatives in Arizona, is a proud member of the LDS Church.  Russell Pearce, another Mormon representative from Arizona, was responsible for SB 1070 and publicly called for the re-institution of Eisenhower’s “Project Wetback” deportation program. And yes, he used the word wetback without apology. Mormons up until 1978 regarded people of African descent as the seed of Cain and refused them full participation in the church. The LDS Church continues to proxy baptize Holocaust victims despite repeated pleas from Jewish leaders. It seems that the rhetoric of the Mormons have changed, but the attitudes continue to be passed down.

    • Roggy McGee

      Portia had a nose job (bridge was thinned, tip remained the same… those are hard to fix), small gortex lip implants (causing the ridge around her mouth visible in the 1st pic of the 2nd set), upper eyelid lift, a possible brow lift, and so much botox to the forehead that her face was immobile. For some reason, she didn’t have cheek implants or hyaluronic injections in the cheeks (as evidenced by her nasolabial folds), which is still the most popular way to rejuvenate the face (“something” the article titled The New New Face). Lucille1 had hyaluronic injections in her cheeks. One reason why you can’t tell that Portia looks radically different in the red carpet shot is because still photography reads differently than video. Madonna looks damn good in still shots and like Madame on video. A second reason is she, like Jessica Walter, probably got the work too close to the date of production in order to look “refreshed.” However, cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation needs time to settle. After the first couple of episodes, Jessica’s cheek filler had settled, but Portia’s face still had weird dimpling from the nerves in her face readjusting.

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