12 Of The Speediest Animals In The World

Unleash your inner cheetah. Check out Rogers and experience download speeds that are up to 2x faster than the other guys.

1. This hamster who is a world-class gymnast and holds the record for fastest back handspring in the world.

2. This bird who is a little faster with the help of some caffeine.

3. This goat who is uncatchable.

4. This turtle who uses brains over brawn.

5. This dog who is faster and cuter than you.

6. This cat who does his own stunts.

7. This fox who can catch up to you before you even blink.

8. This zebra who is tired of being messed with.

9. This corgi who will win this game, gosh darn it.

10. This cat who is uncatchable.

11. This bear cub who’s extra quick when it comes to bear hugs.

12. This little fish who will catch that laser pointer one day.

The odds are in your favor, cute little guy.

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