Roger Thornhill
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  • Co-author of “A Scanner Darkly” Living in Poverty, Homeless…

    “I’m losing my home, and they’ll probably turn off my electricity this week. I will therefore be out of communication for a while. I can sleep on my brother’s couch, but I will have to have my dog and cats “put to sleep”…” — Tessa Dick It’s long been known that Phillip K. Dick’s 5th wife Tessa Busby-Dick (also a writer) helped create and edit the story that became the film “A Scanner Darkly”, and that PKD was decent enough to try to protect her. I just learned that the Phillip K. Dick trust is run by some real…dicks…his children by other wives that have refused to pay Tessa Dick her share of the proceeds. Films based upon Dick’s Sci-Fi dark vision rake in bank while his widow / coauthor live the dream; homeless and picking cans from the side of the road to eat. There outta be a law….