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    Top 7 Vegan Companies Within The UK

    We look at the top 7 Vegan clothing, jewellery and food companies within the UK!

    1. Vegan Cross

    Keri Cronin / Via

    Vegan Cross - is a boutique near Kings Cross Station in London and they stock a variety of vegan food - including kebab wraps, some of the best vegan sandwiches in London, they sell clothes (by the Secret Society of Vegans) and is definitely worth a visit if you're in the capital!

    2. All Glamour No Guts

    All Glamour No Guts

    All Glamour No Guts is a Norwich based Vegan company, which sells vegan jewellery, apparel, tote bags, badges and stickers and are looking to expand in to more ranges! They have collaboration pieces with Sugar and Vice and Bete Noire Jewellery and are releasing a new range of items coming soon.

    10% of all profits are donated to Hill Side Animal Sanctuary!

    3. Deerly Beloved

    Deerly Beloved Bakery / Via

    Deerly Beloved is a bakery based in Norwich, and they specialise in Vegan and Gluten free cakes, chocolates and savouries! They cater for events, and their food is amazing! If some of the images don't make your mouth water, you'll need to get yourself checked out!

    4. The Den at 23 - Colchester Vegan Cafe

    The Den at 23 / Via

    Recently opened in March 2015, the Den at 23 is a new addition to the vegan world! Ran by vegan cake maker Jennifer Dunn (who owns 'Ps.. It's vegan!') and husband Robert.

    They serve familiar and simple vegan food, ranging from Burgers to Paninis and of course cakes and waffles!

    All cakes and waffles are hand made by Jen, and they also have a variety of "milks" for hot drinks including Soya, Almond or Coconut milk, also including squirty cream and marshmallows! Well worth a visit to Colchester for the delights on offer!

    5. Ms. Cupcakes

    Ms. Cupcakes / Via

    Ms. Cupcakes based in Brixton, London, is famously known for her "naughtiest vegan cakes in town", and boy do they not disappoint!

    Her cakes are beyond delicious, and if you're in town, then you HAVE to go! From cupcakes to full slices, it's hard to pick just one! Go on an empty stomach and fill yourself up with these incredible treats.

    6. Iydea - Brighton

    Iydea / Via

    Iydea is a healthy veggie/vegan friendly eatery in central Brighton. Brighton being the vegan paradise on the south coast, it isn't short of vegan places to eat, but Iydea stands out - it's good value for money and changing menu makes it a great place to get a different meal almost each day!

    The smoothies, and wines are all cruelty free, and the menu changes and they do a wide variety of styles, from pasta to shepherd's pie to jamaican rosties! I've sampled almost all of it, and it's fantastic. Sometimes on late night evenings, you can get the food even cheaper before they close!

    It's worth noting as well, they do the best breakfasts!

    7. Cookies and Scream

    Cookies and Scream / Via

    Cookies and Scream is an entirely vegan and gluten free bakery in Camden Town. They sell cookies, pies, donuts and shakes (you can get one with a brownie blended in - it's the best thing ever).

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