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14 Time-Saving Hacks For The Modern Man

Let's go, gentlemen! ROGAINE® Brand wants you to have time to be your best manly self, so here are a few ways to speed up your every day.

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1. Tie your tie without ever wrapping it around your neck.

There are a handful of speedy techniques. Learn the easiest one, and you'll be out the door in seconds.

2. Fold your shirt in one fell swoop.

If you're a perfectionist, this might not be for you. If you're a speed-ist, fold away, friend.

3. Put clothes in your drawer like files, (not like pancakes), so you can see your options.

Turn your fashion on its side. You'll save both decision-making time and cleaning-up time.

4. Iron your collar with a hair straightener.

Heat from two sides gives you two times the reasons to buy a straightener.

5. Avoid multiple trips to the Dumpster by linking trash bags with a carabiner.

Because it's not about your strength, it's about the grip. Use a carabiner, and your garbage bags will be an easy carry.

6. Stick a bread bag tie to the edge of your tape so you never have to scratch for the end again.

Mark it. You'll thank yourself later.

7. Speed through DVD previews by hitting "Stop, Stop, Play."

The fast-forward hack works on most DVD systems.

P.S. You're still buying DVDs?

8. Put one tray on top of a cup to microwave two dishes at once.

Your microwave is filled with volume. Use it.

9. Throw a fabric softener at the bottom of all your bags, and you won't keep searching for that elusive smell.

It works as a precautionary measure, but it also gets rid of stank without running the bag through a washing machine.

10. When you're at the gym, do lunges as you walk to your next set.

You might not look incredibly cool, but lunges can save you time on the leg press.

11. Shine your shoes with a banana peel.

May the sun shine brightly on your breakfast and your feet.

12. Comb, shave, and prep in the shower.

If you put a mirror in your shower, you can keep it from fogging by rubbing some shaving cream or shampoo on it. Also, wet hair is a thing now, so you should abandon your post-shower routine anyway.

13. Create your own super slicer with two plates.

It seems like magic — so that's fun.

14. Buy dual-purpose dress / sweatpants.

It's the ultimate two-for-one.