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11 Things You Need To Know About The Final Game

This has all the makings of a historic final. Be ready for anything to happen! ROGAINE® Brand wants to make sure you know everything you need to sound like an expert during the big game!

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1. Germany is tough, but Argentina is up to the challenge.

James Brunker/STR / Contributor / Via

They truly fought their way through the entire tournament to this point, sometimes hanging on by a thread. With some flair from a few crafty individuals, and the grit that the Argentinians have shown thus far, they could put up a strong fight to the well-oiled German efficiency machine.

2. To get to the final, Argentina won all five of their previous matches.

Art Rickerby / Contributor / Via

But the teams they beat weren't particularly spectacular either (Iran, Nigeria, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Switzerland, and Belgium). They also only won each game by one goal. Argentina is currently ranked number five in the world.

3. That being said, the Germans should probably take home the victory.


They've easily been the most consistent team in this tournament, with clockwork coordination that no team so far has been able to properly resist. They are big, they are quick, and they play extremely smart football. They're also coming off of a 7-1 blowout of Brazil, whereas the Argentinians are still recovering (both physically, and emotionally) from the extended time semifinal against the Netherlands that was decided in penalty kicks.

4. Germany scored 17 goals in six games.

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They pretty much blew past all the competition. Well, there were a few close calls with Algeria and Ghana, but other than that, the Germans simply couldn't be overcome. Argentina only got eight goals in six games.

6. In fact, these two teams have faced one another quite a bit in World Cup competition.

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Argentina beat Germany 3-2 in the 1986 final, and then the Germans came back in 1990 to win 1-0 in penalty kicks for the championship.

7. Finally, Messi has a chance to bring home the greatest honor in football.

Mark Leech / Contributor / Via

The Argentinian playmaker is one of the best players to ever grace the beautiful game, with pretty much every trophy and recognition a player could ever want. Except for the World Cup. And now, at age 27, it might be his last chance to really leave his mark on the world of football.

8. Germany's Müller is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Thomas Koehler / Contributor / Via

Sure, Müller isn't nearly as renowned as Messi, but has proven that he knows how to get results and score goals on the world's greatest stage (five goals in this tournament, compared to Messi's four). And he's only 24 years old.

10. Ironically, Brazil probably won't mind if a European team won in South America this year.

Edu Andrade/CON / Contributor / Via

Crazily enough, Brazil despises their Argentinian neighbors and are looking to the Germans (who put them out of the cup, 7-1) to uphold their pride and not let the hated Argentinians win on their turf.

11. And lastly, weird things go down in these final games. So stay on your toes.


People have panic attacks, players choke when it matters most, others headbutt their opponents. When the entire world is watching, sometimes the pressure will lead the players (and the world) to do some pretty strange things. Have fun!