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The Official Evolution Of World Cup Hairstyles

Each era of World Cup greatness was accompanied by an equally impressive hairstyle, so let the hair puns begin! ROGAINE® Brand, official hair care sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, is bringing you all things soccer and World Cup related.

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1954 - The Casablanca (Switzerland World Cup)

George Marks / Getty Images

PROS: Very aerodynamic haircut. Somehow looks cooler the messier it gets.

CONS: The added weight from the gel would reduce speed on the pitch.

UNNECESSARY PUN: "Here's looking at you, kick."

1966 - The Gentleman (England World Cup)

Flickr: 24842486@N07 / e r j k p r u n c z y k / (CC BY http://2.0)

PROS: Lightweight and elegant, this style could stun opponents on the field and seduce ladies off of it.

CONS: Having to carry a comb during the matches was both distracting and dangerous.

UNNECESSARY PUN: "After the game you could comb over for a few drinks."

1974 - The Woodstock (West Germany World Cup)

Flickr: essers / essers / (CC BY http://2.0)

PROS: Headers don't hurt nearly as much.

CONS: Get a job, you hippy.

UNNECESSARY PUN: "He took the ball fro me."

1982 - The Cop (Spain World Cup)

Flickr: menetekel / delunula dot com / (CC BY http://2.0)

PROS: Makes you look like a stone-cold badass.

CONS: The inability to get the soup you had for lunch out of your mustache.

UNNECESSARY PUN: "I'm getting too old for this shin."

1990 - The Soul Glow (Italy World Cup)

PROS: Ability to blind opponents with its natural beauty.

CONS: Can distract teammates as well.

UNNECESSARY PUN: "Hello. Is it cleats you're looking for?"

1994 - The Lion Mane (USA World Cup)

Flickr: gazeronly / torbakhopper / (CC BY http://2.0)

PROS: Absolutely majestic.

CONS: Actually... none. This is flawless.

UNNECESSARY PUN: "I just can't wait to free kick." the song? From the movie? No? OK.

1998 - The Party Is Out Back (France World Cup)

Norma Zuniga / Getty Images

PROS: Is very technical and clean when in front of defenders.

CONS: Is messy and unorganized from behind them.

UNNECESSARY PUN: "That's a questionable call, ref! Why don't you take a minute to mullet over?"

2006 - The Highlights (Germany World Cup)

Flickr: 14519665@N05 / Adam Lehman / (CC BY http://2.0)

PROS: Works with just about any length of hair.

CONS: Potential to be mistaken for a boy band.

UNNECESSARY PUN: "The ball went right into the bleach-ers."

2010 - The Fauxhawk (South Africa World Cup)

Flickr: lidocaineus / mootown / (CC BY http://2.0)

PROS: Renders the player practically invisible from the front.

CONS: Renders girlfriends invisible too. Zing.

UNNECESSARY PUN: "Fauxhawk me."