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11 Tips About Job Interviews That Are Actually Wrong

You need to look the part to get the job. ROGAINE® Brand can help by busting some serious myths so you can nail that interview.

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1. Wear a suit.


The younger the company, the younger the look. Wearing a suit to an interview for a fun startup job is a quick way to get the axe. Business casual should do just fine for most workplaces.

2. Only showcase your strengths.

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Don't hide your weaknesses. If you don't know how to do something, be honest. Being upfront about your abilities is a sign that you're capable and willing to learn. By establishing this integrity, your statements about your strengths will seem more believable.

3. Delete your bad tweets.

Ben Rosen / Via BuzzFeed

When the dust settles, you want a company to accept you for who you are. If they can't handle your tweets, find a company that will.

4. Point out flaws in their competitors.

It's best if you just stay positive. You never know who or what they know.

5. Shave your facial hair.


If you've got a beard, mustache, or a goatee, don't listen to your peers who tell you to shave it off. Just go to a barbershop to get it cleaned up. There's almost nothing more employable than a neatly trimmed beard.

6. Avoid talking about your social life.

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If the interviewer asks what you do for fun, don't be afraid to be a real person. Nobody expects you to be sitting at home in silence until the work day begins. Show your fun side... just don't go overboard.

7. Ask a question.


In theory, yes, this is a good thing to do. Just make sure you ask the right question. Asking them to justify decisions the company has made is only going to make the interviewer uncomfortable. Try a question about the future.

8. Ask for reimbursement for your travel.

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Sure, you had to take a train from D.C. to NY for the interview. If they voluntarily offer to pay for the ticket, cool! Otherwise NO, you should NOT do this.

9. Wear cologne.


You should smell nice, but please don't go overboard. Cologne is something to be discovered, not announced. A single dab on either side of your neck is more than enough.

10. Accept the job offer.

Ben Rosen / Via BuzzFeed

Well... not the first one. Most employers are given a range for the salary at your position, and they'll usually offer you the lower number first. If you do your research, you should be able to bump up your yearly salary by a few thousand dollars.

11. Take a shower.

Only kidding, you should totally do this one. Just needed an excuse to show a cat in a bath. Hehehe look at him. He's terrified.