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10 Reasons Team USA Can Win The World Cup

Group of Death, Group of Shmesh. We don't care what the rest of the world says, and neither does ROGAINE® Brand, official hair care sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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1. The odds are only 299/1. Psh. That's nothing. Pifff pshhh who cares about data anyway?

Chris Dignes / Via BuzzFeed

...pfff... pshh... nerds with their stupid numbers... think they're so smart... we'll show them.

2. For starters, we're not a bad team. Don't forget that Team USA is still ranked in the top 15.

3. With our new head coach, Team USA has set historic records in the last two years.


Including an astounding 12-game winning streak at home.

4. We got a jump on the competition in January by kicking off a 12-day training camp in Brazil.


They felt like the early knowledge of the terrain would give them an edge and better prepare them for what to expect.

5. The players are hungrier than ever to be respected in the soccer community.


They're playing for a lot more than the Ws.

6. As we all know, great teams are forged through fire.


If we can make it out of Group G... the world better watch out.

7. Team USA is one of the most well-conditioned teams on the planet.


We have one of the fittest teams around and are better suited to handle the travel than the other squads.

8. We don't fear rejection.

Apatow Productions / DreamWorks Television / Via

Team USA has handled adversity in the past, so it's not really a fear anymore. The only way to go is up.

9. Fandom in the U.S. has been getting stronger with every passing year.


Look for a strong showing of crowd support at the World Cup.

10. Basically, it's hard for anyone to win the World Cup, but sometimes you just gotta believe.

deadinside / Via

You know... for mystical reasons and stuff. Don't question the power of hope!