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Best Tips For New Moms Who Want To Breastfeed

When I became a mom for the first time, I did not have a lactation specialist around to teach me how to breastfeed. I learned by myself. And here I tell you the most important tips you should know.

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Know the importance of position while breastfeeding

It is very important for a child to be breastfed. This is a practise that is doctor recommended and no amount of bottle feeding will ever make up for breast feeding. While some mothers are really comfortable when it comes to breastfeeding their young ones, there are others who are not so comfortable and hence tend to opt for other ways.

For how long should I breastfeed my child?

A lot of mothers often ask for how long they should breastfeed their child. With the number of working mothers growing every day, doctors have narrowed down the timeline to at least 6 months. It is best if you can breastfeed your child till she/he is one year of age, but a 6 months period is a must. However in order to understand why women prefer not to breastfeed at times, we need to first look at the problems-

•Mothers have often complained that they are left with back pain after prolonged breastfeeding, a stubborn pain that refuses to go away.

•Sore nipples are another reason which is most commonly cited by mothers.

•It often becomes very difficult to position both the mother and the child in a proper posture, so that the child gets enough milk and the mother too can be comfortable.

Importance of breastfeeding positions

Since these are some of the very common problems that mothers face it is very important to know the best positions for breastfeeding newborn. Once you know what the right position is a lot of the problems mentioned above will go away in a jiffy. Of the many advantages that the right breastfeeding position has one is that mothers can place their baby in the proper way in her lap so that the child can swallow properly. Babies often refuse to drink because they have not been positioned in the proper way and hence it is very important to know how to pace your child on your lap which will bring down the problem significantly. A proper breastfeeding position will also never result in a back pain. Just as the comfort of the child is important for breastfeeding, the comfort of the mother too is very important. If both the mother and the baby are comfortable then not only will the child be sufficiently fed, but the mother to can avoid physical discomfort like sore nipples and back aches!

Which is the right position for me?

There can be no definite answer as to what is the right position of breastfeeding a child. There are numerous listed options from which you can get your fit or you might just find one on your own. If you want to understand what would be the best position for baby while breastfeeding there are two things that you will need to consider- the comfort of your baby and your comfort. It is very important that both the mother and child feed comfortable during this process.

Once you see that the baby is suckling peacefully and you are comfortable, you will know that you have found the position for you and your baby.

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