23 Hilarious Chelsea Handler GIFs To Use In Any Situation

Chelsea Handler ended the run of her E! talk show last night. She has left us with the best words of wisdom for us to use on any occasion, and that’s why we can’t wait to see her on Netflix in 2016.

1. When you want people to leave you alone:

E! / Via rebloggy.com

2. When you want to get the conversation back on topic:

3. When you want to bring the conversation back to the real person of interest:






4. When you get asked why you don’t have kids:

E! / Via wifflegif.com

5. When you want to support human rights:

E! / Via giphy.com

6. When you want to explain why you watch porn:

7. When you want to explain the truth about who you really are:

8. When something is stupid:

9. When something is really, really stupid:

E! / Via giphy.com

10. When someone is f*cking stupid:

11. When Kanye West is brought up in conversation:

12. When you hang out with Reese Witherspoon too much:

E! / Via popsugar.com

13. When you’re expecting Mariah Carey to show up at a party:

E! / Via wifflegif.com

14. When you want to ask sensitive questions about Criss Angel:

E! / Via wifflegif.com

15. When you want to ask if it’s okay to masturbate to ABC Family:

16. When you want someone to cheer up:

17. When you want to be a translator:

E! / Via wifflegif.com

18. When you want to tell someone he or she is annoying:

E! / Via giphy.com

19. When you want to say that other people are annoying:

20. When you want to make a feminist statement:

E! / Via storify.com

21. When you want to tell someone to seize the day:

E! / Via giphy.com

22. When you want to give heartfelt advice:

E! / Via weheartit.com

23. When you want to give someone the best advice:

E! / Via wifflegif.com

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