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    Pablo Escobar The Lord Of Colombia

    Escobar's drug empire grew extremely fast and he became one of the most powerful men in the world. Here are 12 extraordinary facts of the Colombian drug lord.

    1. Pablo Escobar, the king of cocaine had a revenue of around $420 Million per week.

    2. Escobar was in Forbes magazine for seven consecutive straight years.

    3. Escobar had problems to hide his $

    4. "El Patron", had a weekly expense of U$2,500.00

    5. Pablo was considered the most violent drug lord of all times!

    6. Pablo was very passionate for his family, he would do everything to protect them.

    7. War at the Palace of Justice

    8. "La Cathedral”

    9. Pablo is linked with more than 5000 deaths

    10. Pablo offered Colombia more than U$20 million

    11. Colombia's authorities found mostly of Escobar properties

    12. December 02, 1993 - Medellin Colombia