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    Pablo Escobar The Lord Of Colombia

    Escobar's drug empire grew extremely fast and he became one of the most powerful men in the world. Here are 12 extraordinary facts of the Colombian drug lord.

    1. Pablo Escobar, the king of cocaine had a revenue of around $420 Million per week.


    His net worth is estimated in more $30 billion. Escobar's money would be worth more today because of the inflation. If Pablo would be alive, Escobar would be the 5th richest men in the planet today, with a net worth estimated in $49 billion. Today Escobar would be richer than of Mark Zuckerberg.

    2. Escobar was in Forbes magazine for seven consecutive straight years.


    From 1987-1993 "El Patron" appeared in one of the most well known magazines in the world. By Forbes he was considered the 7th richest man in the planet.

    3. Escobar had problems to hide his $


    His cartel had to hide, store in the walls, or even bury millions of dollars. Furthermore, that wasn’t the smart way to store cash, he ended up losing more than $2 billion dollars per month because the money was eaten by rats, or the money would rotten, or they would simply lose where they money was.

    4. "El Patron", had a weekly expense of U$2,500.00


    Pablo Escobar's Cartel had to spend U$2,500.00 weekly in rubber band, which he would use to stack all his money.

    5. Pablo was considered the most violent drug lord of all times!


    But on the other hand, surprisingly Pablo supported and helped the poor giving money to the poor community with frequency. He also provided resources to a famous soccer team in Colombia, and he built houses to a poor community in his hometown Medellin.

    6. Pablo was very passionate for his family, he would do everything to protect them.


    After Escobar's family escaped during an attack. His daughter was cold and he did not hesitate torching $2 million in cash just to keep the family warm during the Colombian winter.

    7. War at the Palace of Justice


    The attack from Pablo Escobar against the Supreme Court of Colombia, in which members of the M-19 guerrilla group took over the Palace of Justice in Bogotá, Colombia, and held the Supreme Court hostage.

    8. "La Cathedral”

    Via http://ttp://

    Pablo had a deal with Colombia to be imprisoned in a luxurious prison that was design and built by Pablo Escobar and named "La Cathedral". This was not a church, the prison where Escobar was held in the 1990s housed a casino, soccer field, nightclub, bar, spa.... Besides that all the authorities had to be at least 2 miles way from the "prison".

    9. Pablo is linked with more than 5000 deaths


    Including police officers, soccer players, judges, presidents, journalists, government officials, other drug lords and many innocents. Besides that Escobar and his cartel bombed the Avianca Flight 203, hoping it would kill presidential candidate for the 1990 elections César Gaviria Trujillo.

    10. Pablo offered Colombia more than U$20 million


    Colombia had a huge international debt and Pablo Escobar was trying to negotiate with the Colombia government to pay the debt in order to change the laws of extradition. Pablo biggest fear was the extradition to the United States.

    11. Colombia's authorities found mostly of Escobar properties


    More than 140 - Helicopters

    More than 15 - Planes

    More than 25- Yatchs

    2- Submarines

    More than 130- Homes and offices

    12. December 02, 1993 - Medellin Colombia


    The war ended , during an operation of the "search bloc" that involved more than 1000 police officers.

    Pablo and his employee "Limon" tried to scape running across the roof, but both were shot and killed. Escobar was shot 4 times by the Colombian National Police.

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