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    • rodneyb4d36ff76f

      okay. I disagree with your interpretation of the show, but let’s assume you are exactly spot on. Then ask yourself - Why is it so disappointing for a tv show to be about manhood?
      Men exist, they are real, they have issues too! I am glad they are explored in an intelligent way as this show did. I found myself in the early episodes hoping Lester would beome more of a man. Instead he became a monster. I also loved Molly’s character - and even though she did not get to ‘pull the trigger’ on either Malvo or Gus it is clear that Molly was the driving force in the investigation. At the end Molly is happy for Gus to get the award because she is confident in herself and her place, and does not need the external recognition. I do wish some of you whining feminists had a similar level of maturity.

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