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Think Accountants Are Boring? Well...

Accountants are all “Matt Damon in A Beautiful Mind” level, asocial weirdos, right? Imagine a world in which legitimately “interesting” people talked like accountants – would you think they were boring too?

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1.DJ Khaled – Major key alert: It’s tax season

2.Katy Perry – I calculated gross dividend yield, and I liked it

3.Emma Watson – It’s “acceptance sup-rah protest”, not “acceptance sup-rer protest”

4.Drake – Started from the bottom, now I’m a Forensic Accountant

5.Jennifer Lawrence – The Accountant On Fire

6.Kim Kardashian – I’ll cry at the end of this IPO registration statement. Not with fresh makeup

7.Cristiano Ronaldo – Maybe they hate me because I’m too good (at designing internal accounting controls to minimise errors in business records)

Think you know accountants?

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