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6 Classic Romantic Comedies Recast With Famous Serial Killers

We've laughed, we've cried, we've watched them until our VHS players broke down. Now imagine some of Hollywood's most famous rom-coms starring some of history's most horrific serial killers.

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27 Dresses starring Aileen Wuornos

When it comes to her happy ending, Jane (serial killer Aileen Wuornos) is always the bridesmaid but never the bride! And after selflessly planning all of her best girlfriends’ weddings—all 27 of them—she is about ready to give up on her own fairy tale. That is until a cynical writer Kevin (James Marsden) comes to town, and gives her a second chance at love. Can Jane make it through the bloodbath that is her love life to find the man of her dreams?

Critics are calling 27 Dresses:

“An absolute betrayal of the medium.” – David Edelstein, New York Magazine

“Finally, a romantic comedy that subverts our expectations—largely by casting a convicted serial killer as the female lead.” —Rex Reed, Women’s Wear Daily

Chocolat starring Juliette Binoche and Jeffrey Dahmer

Love isn’t the only thing on the menu! In 1960, Vianne Rocher (Juliette Binoche) and her young daughter arrive in a small town in rural France, with hopes for a new life. But their dreams clash with town tradition when Vianne opens a chocolate shop across the street from the town’s church—during lent! When the town’s mayor (Alfred Molina) catches wind, things begin to heat up. But before Vianne has to get out of the kitchen, she crosses paths with an Irish traveler (convicted cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer) who has a taste for something other than chocolate: the human heart.

Critics call Chocolat:

“Surprising, mostly because I assumed that the whole thing about ‘the human heart’ was a euphemism for love, but it turned out to literally be a reference to cannibalism, which I guess I should have seen coming.” —A.O. Scott, The New York Times

Elizabethtown starring Orlando Boom and Dorothea Puente

Sometimes, when it comes to love, age ain’t nothing but a number! After single handedly bankrupting his billion-dollar shoe company, Drew Baylor (Pirates of the Caribbean’s Orlando Bloom) is tasked with bringing his father’s body back to their hometown for a funeral. But on the flight over, love intervenes in the form of Claire, (Sacramento serial killer Dorothea Puente, aka The Death House Landlady), a manic pixie flight attendant who proves to be unlike anyone he’s ever met, and not just because she’s in her late-sixties. With newfound appreciation for life, and a sneaking suspicion that Claire might have been responsible for his father’s brutal murder, Drew sets out for a road trip he’ll never forget with the girl that could change his life.

Critics are calling Elizabethtown

"Orlando Bloom and serial murderer Dorothea Puente, together at last!" – Richard Roper, Chicago Sun-Times

“Dorothea Puente delivers a star-making turn in possibly the greatest and hopefully only true crime-rom-com of our time.” – Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

“I have absolutely no idea how this film got funded, but I most certainly intend to find out.” – Brad Grey, Paramount Pictures, CEO

Pretty Woman starring Julia Roberts and Dennis Lynn Rader

Love may not cost a thing, but a weekend with her sure does! Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts, Mystic Pizza) has made a life out of doing whatever it takes to survive. Edward Lewis (Dennis Lynn Rader, The BTK Strangler) has made a life out putting business first and personal second. But when this sassy prostitute and ruthless businessman cross paths, sparks fly, and they both may have to let down their walls and leave their hearts open. But after a lifetime walking the streets, can Vivian put her neck on the line for her knight in shining armor?

Critics are calling Pretty Woman:

“I found all the scenes of Edward draping a necklace around Vivian extremely uncomfortable, because the lead is a convicted serial killer whose method of execution is literally strangulation. I’m just confused as to why he was cast in this film?” – Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

“Problematic.” – Christie Lemire, Associated Press (AP)

“Honestly, not the worst thing.” – Armound White, National Review

You've Got Mail starring Meg Ryan and David Berkowitz

Love is a battlefield, and so is your inbox! America’s sweetheart Meg Ryan teams up with Son of Sam David Berkowitz in this modern-day screwball comedy that’ll have you running for the exits in a panic! When children’s bookshop owner Kathleen Kelly (Ryan) finds out that a corporate bookshop owner (Berkowitz) is pushing her store out of business, she launches an all out attack to save her fledgling store. Little does she know that her new enemy and the anonymous man she’s struck up an Internet romance with are one in the same! Can these two put their differences aside and take their love from URL to IRL? Set during New York’s famously horrific summer of 1977, which saw six victims murdered in cold blood at random, this infectious comedy will remind you that sometimes, love is where you least expect it.

Critics are calling You've Got Mail

“Hilarious! Finally, something that speaks to modern love in the digital age!” – Dave Denby, The New Yorker

“The male lead in this movie literally killed my daughter.” – Mike Lauria, victim’s father

Made Of Honor starring Ted Bundy

What does a man, dubbed “the very definition of heartless evil”, do when he discovers he might have feelings for his best friend? Necrophile Ted Bundy stars as Tom, a serial dater with a problem settling down! But just when Tom thinks that his best friend of ten years, Hannah (Michelle Monaghan), might be ‘The One’ she announces she’s engaged—to Mr. Wrong! Now, with a maid of honor title, a ticking clock, and an unquenchable hunger for human flesh, Tom has to find a way to stop the wedding and prove that the love of his life was under his nose all along!

Critics are calling Made Of Honor:

“An absolute riot! Imagine My Best Friend’s Wedding, but with the gender rolls switched and my client as the lead.” – Lead Defense Attorney Polly Nelsen

“I went to sleep in my own bed, and woke up in a strange trailer in Toronto, with a contract signed in my handwriting and no memory of agreeing to star in this film. Please help me.” – Michelle Monaghan, co-star of Made of Honor

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