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10 Real Housewives Opening Quotes That Will Make You Scream "I'm Done"

The only thing more iconic than the fights are the Real Housewives' title sequences, which feature a snappy one-liner, a flirty pose, and then the whole cast holding something in their hands. Here are ten quips that will make you want scream at yourself.

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5. "I make my own rules, so don't expect me to follow yours."


Did Vicki grab Andy Cohen by the collar and mumble this into his face between takes? Either way, the degree to which I can't is unparalleled.

8. “Life in Beverly Hills is a game, and I make the rules.”


The Real Housewives are absolutely obsessed with rules. And just when I thought I was done, we see a literal camel.

9. “Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend—freedom is.”


I've been watching these shows for almost a decade now, so I have no idea what freedom feels like. Proof positive that I am done.

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