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Chris Evans As Other Marvel Characters

He's played both the Human Torch and more famously, Captain America for Marvel. But what if Chris took on other Marvel roles? An illustrated investigation...

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Chris Evans as Thor:

Crystal Ro

Predictable, could work.

Chris Evans as Loki:

Crystal Ro

While we're in Asgard, why not test out Thor's bro, too? Still could work.

Chris Evans as Spiderman:

Crystal Ro

Hmm. Not sure this one works. Chris might be too bulky, but we'll still take it.

Chris Evans as The Hulk:

Crystal Ro

Well this is creepy. Green may not be his best color. Let's change it up...

Chris Evans as Wonder Woman:

Crystal Ro

I know, she's part of the DC world, but Chris sure can wear the hell out of a headband.

Chris Evans as Storm:

Crystal Ro

Yeah... no.

Chris Evans as Squirrel Girl:

Crystal Ro

No joke, this is a real Marvel Character.

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