12 Awesome Musical Performances In Unexpected Places

Whether listening to them through headphones, live on the big stage, or in intimate locations, these bands are music to our ears! Rock Your Summer on the subway, in the park, or anywhere with the help of Doritos and Pepsi Max.

1. Atomic Tom performing on the NYC Subway

After their instruments got stolen, Atomic Tom took to the subway with their iPhones to make music.

2. Lykke Li and Bon Iver in front of a fountain in L.A.

3. Arcade Fire playing in an elevator

4. Beyonce performing at National University Hospital in Singapore

5. The Avett Brothers performing in a Jackson Hole Gondola

6. B.o.B. raps "Airplanes" on an actual airplane

7. Stars plays inside of a restaurant

8. Lisa Hannigan performing in a nook in a bar

9. Atlas Sound performing at a gallery for an art opening

10. Chairlift playing in a ferris wheel

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/5525619.

11. Conor Oberst playing in a bowling alley

12. The Beatles playing on a rooftop

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