10 Surprising Pop Culture Mashups That Just Work

For some reason, “Mean Girls” mashed up with Disney is comedic genius. It just works. Check out these other pop culture mashups while you enjoy Doritos and Pepsi Max. They’re ready to Rock Your Summer with free music and fun.

1. Downton Abbey + Martin

Why it works: Downton Abbey (a serious period drama) would be hilarious as a sitcom like “Martin.”

2. Doctor Who + Sherlock + Annie Get Your Gun

Why it works: There is a HUGE crossover of fans that like Doctor Who and Sherlock. And this is hilarious.

3. Community + Friends

Why it works: They’re both sitcoms, but Community fans especially love to see mashups of the show.

4. Bridesmaids + Game Of Thrones

Moviestore Collection / REX USA

© HBO / Everett Collection


Why it works: Bridesmaids and Game Of Thrones are both very recognizable, so putting them together is just some big meta joke.

5. My Little Pony + The Great Gatsby

Why it works: Bronies love pony mashups, and there’s such good material to work with.

6. Mean Girls + Disney

Why it works: Don’t tell me you haven’t imagined the Disney Princesses as a catty little clique. I mean, they’re princesses after all!

7. The Office + Family Matters

Why it works: The ridiculous laugh track only adds to the hilariousness of the Office.

8. Scott Pilgrim + Avatar The Last Airbender

Why it works: The comical scenes from Avatar The Last Airbender blend seamlessly to the over-the-top world of Scott Pilgrim.

9. Harry Potter + Mean Girls

Warner Bros / Courtesy Everett Collection

© Paramount / Everett Collection


Why it works: If you take out all the evil wizards and action scenes in Harry Potter, it’s basically a teen comedy anyway.

10. The Room + Inception

Why it works: The Room takes itself very seriously, so this is how the trailer would be if the production value was a little higher.

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