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    • rocketz

      There’s more to Hanson than most know.It seemed they went out of the limelight but they continued to be a band (a talented one) all this time. They decided to put up and run their own indie label when they were in their early twenties because they left the last major label they were with because of a conflict with creative input. They’re an indie band by choice. They could’ve chosen to be under another major record label that made an offer but they declined. As an indie band they don’t have much marketing that can compete with big labels so that’s why many people didn’t get to hear their ‘growing up’ music hehe which is actually really REALLY good. Hanson is happy about being indie (sure it has its downsides) but they call the shots and take the helm as artists. It’s really the music that they are doing it for and not just popularity. Here’s their story: (see video above)

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