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35 Thoughts Every Parent Has When It's Time To Move

Whether you're buying your first home or looking to go from two bedrooms to five, there's a lot to consider when finding the right fit for your family! Take a breath, because Rocket Mortgage® is there to help you make sense of the process.

1. It's official: We're busting out of this place.

2. I forget what having empty space not covered in toys and strollers and bouncers and itty-bitty socks and pots and pans that somehow found their way out of the cabinets feels like!

3. Ah, sweet minimalism.

4. Who am I kidding? I'm a parent. I'm never getting minimalism back.

5. BUT a couple extra bedrooms, a spare bathroom (maybe JUST for mom and dad???), a garage, and, oh man, a LAUNDRY ROOM...maybe even a front PORCH!!!

6. Now we're talking.

7. The ultimate question though: How are the kids going to react to moving??

8. This is the only home they've ever known.

9. And screamed their heads off in. And spilled juice in. And barfed in.

10. And oooohhh boy, the actual packing and unpacking...

11. So many temper tantrums on the horizon.

12. Sending those images far, far away for now!

13. Because when they realize they are going to get their own bedrooms and have a...wait for it...BACKYARD....there's no way they won't be pumped.

14. I'll call it a "new adventure." Kids love adventures. They'll be totally sold.

15. Speaking of adventures, do we want to look for a fixer-upper?

16. I do love me a good home reno project!

17. Would certainly feel better to have a lower down payment and mortgage — and be able to tackle the renovations as we can afford them.

18. Because kids = $$$.

19. Which reminds me: We gotta be diligent about checking out those public schools in whatever 'hoods we're looking at!

20. So key for resale value.

21. And our bank accounts.

22. And...our kids' education and well-being. Obviously.

23. We do really need to figure out what we can actually afford...

24. Kids sure eat a lot. And need a lot of clothes. And they're asking for a puppy.

25. Is a thing.

26. And Mom and Dad definitely need a nice vacation!

27. Not to mention figuring out how we're gonna sell this place.

28. Wonder if I can deep-clean all the carpeting myself??

29. OK, enough worrying!

30. Buying a new place is so exciting! It's a lot to plan and think about, but there's so much to look forward to!

31. That "no kids allowed" bathroom hopefully being the main attraction...

32. KIDDING (kind of). But, seriously, this is going to be such an amazing next step for our family.

33. We'll totally make it work and find somewhere that's awesome for all of us.

34. Honestly, the BIGGEST question is...

35. Do we move somewhere with room to grow? 👶 👶 👶

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