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The Personalities You'll Totally Encounter When Buying A Home

The road to buying a home is lined with a cast of characters! While you're putting those social skills to work, let Rocket Mortgage® empower you to handle the rest of the home-buying process with confidence.

1. Let's start with the open houses. There's always that guest who brings their entire extended family to a showing.

2. And then there's the guest who audibly whispers to the selling agent that they'll just pay the full home price upfront with cash.

3. Of course there's the selling agent with a level of enthusiasm you didn't know was humanly possible.

4. You're also not sure YOUR real estate agent ever sleeps, because they are emailing you home listings around the clock.

5. You're interested in a place! And then you meet the very emotional seller, who gets teary-eyed when talking about everything from the countertops to the memories they've made in their home.

6. You made an offer! It was accepted! Time for the home inspection. You weren't prepared for your inspector to be...basically superhuman?

7. And then...when you've sealed the deal (congrats, homeowner!), you meet your soulmate in the form of a next-door neighbor, who makes you realize you couldn't have made a more perfect decision.

These are just a few of the personalities you might come across as a home-buyer, and people are only one small part of the home-buying process! Rocket Mortgage® is there to give you a customizable mortgage solution and a speedy approval so you can tackle all the parts with confidence.

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