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    17 Times Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid Made Us Jealous Of Their Friendship

    These two give us so much BFF envy.

    1. That time they were both in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, 'cause why not?


    3. When they completely rocked the mirror selfie.

    4. When they shared the stage with each other. Oh, and Taylor Swift.

    5. When they both walked perfectly in sync.

    6. The time Kendall shared this super cool drawing of herself and Gigi.

    7. When they posed at the bottom of these stairs like badasses.

    8. And casually laughed at their utter perfection.

    9. When they went to sporting events together, because duh.

    10. And posed together in Vogue like the supermodels they are.

    11. When they looked completely flawless, even in this blurry pic.

    12. I mean, how are they even real?!?

    13. That time they rocked these amazing dresses at the Met Ball.

    14. And looked amazing backstage.

    15. They're such BFF goals.

    16. They just love each other so much.


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