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17 Reasons Why Older Leo DiCaprio Is Better Than Young Leo DiCaprio

But let's be real, Leo at any age is bae.

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1. I'd like to start off by saying that yes, young Leo was adorable.

20th Century Fox / Via

2. He had some fabulous performances, especially in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

Snap / SNAP/REX / Via

3. But let's get real for a second; the Leo of recent years has been killing the game.

4. Sure, it's easy to make fun of his love for supermodels.

NBC / Via

5. But we shouldn't forget about his foundation, which focuses on environmental issues.

Instagram: @leonardodicaprio

6. Unlike some celebrities, Leo has been using his fame for good.

Instagram: @leonardodicaprio

7. He's seriously passionate about changing our world for the better.

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8. In the last five years he has played some incredible characters, like Calvin Candie from Django Unchained.

Columbia Pictures / Via

9. And let's not forget about his killer performance as Jay Gatsby.

Bazmark Productions / Via

10. But nothing will ever compare to his portrayal of Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Paramount Pictures / Via

11. Who knew Leo could dance?!

Paramount Pictures / Via

12. And yet, he still has not won an Oscar.

NBC / Via

13. But 2016 is going to be his year.


14. The Revenant may be his best performance ever.

Instagram: @leonardodicaprio

15. And his friendship with Kate Winslet has only gotten stronger.

NBC / Via

16. Would '90s Leo be able to pull off this incredible side-eye?! I think not.

17. Basically, he's going to continue to get even better with every passing year.

Village Roadshow Pictures

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