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    15 Times Kendall Jenner Was A Style Goddess On Instagram

    Girlfriend looks good in literally EVERYTHING.

    1. When she casually wore this killer jacket while boarding a private jet.

    2. And when she totally rocked this amazing fur + hat combo in Rome.

    3. That time she and Gigi just goddamn dominated the street style game.

    4. When she pulled off this seriously gorg hairstyle and made it look effortlessly cool.

    5. And, um, can we talk about these shoes? Killer. 😍 🔥

    6. Let's not forget when she wore this off-the-shoulder dress in beautiful Spain and made us hate every single item in our closets.

    7. And when she ~werked~ it in this romper while we screamed, "YAAASS!"

    8. Again: Look. At. Those. Shoes.



    9. And of course, she can pull off a crop top like no one else.

    10. When she wore this absolutely amazing skirt... in a kitchen?



    11. And she and Cara Delevingne dressed up their matching bestie t-shirts, because why not?

    12. Guys, this dress is more beautiful than words can describe.

    13. Well... she can't look bad in a single thing. I'm convinced.


    Adopt me.

    14. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

    15. Kendall, keep being amazing. YOU'RE KILLING IT, GIRL!

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