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14 Times Matt Healy From The 1975 Was The Best At Twitter

His internet game is sweet like "Chocolate."

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1. When he acknowledged that gay marriage should be a right, not an issue.

there is a woman married to the Berlin Wall and we are STILL talking about gay marriage. it's fucking ridiculous x

2. When he just gave straight up good advice.

3. That time he showed us all that he's feminist AF.

it's #InternationalWomensDay. the empowerment of young women maps directly onto the reduction of all oppression. EMPOWER YA' SELF!! ✊

4. When he warned us.

Dirty Hit Records / Vagrant Records

5. When he gave us this helpful advice.

6. And gave us this reminder, juuuuust in case.

7. When he summed up American TV in one tweet.

i can't decide what's more stressfull - watching american television or trying to go to sleep on acid

8. The time he called out the haters for being ageist.

Renee Zellweger better stop getting older. it's really pissing me off. i mean, she's a FAMOUS WOMAN for fuck sake she's not allowed to age!!

9. When he was just brutally honest about how he spends his cash.

yo anyone that wants merch tonight it's cash only. there's no cash machine. don't want you being upset. and i can't buy weed with your card

Dirty Hit Records / Vagrant Records

10. When he said he loved 1D, but reminded us there are other things to love, too.

just for the record. i love one direction. but not as much as I care about the human race

11. When he called out the media.

worlds biggest boyband, who are in their 20's, seen smoking weed!?SHOCKING! what's next? famous super models doing cocaine?! @DailyMailUK

12. When he realized that good coffee is just really bad tea.

i just drank a cup of tea and i thought it was horrible but turns out it was coffee and it was actually pretty nice

Dirty Hit Records / Vagrant Records

13. When he was all, "I'm the best," and we didn't argue.

// rumours about me being dead are not true. rumours about me being a massive legend, all totally true //

14. And finally, the time when he posted the realest tweet ever. We've all been there.

Keep doing you, Matt.

Dirty Hit / Vagrant Records

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