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13 Reasons Why You Should Jump On The Chris Martin Bandwagon

if you haven't already, jump onboard.

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1. *Here comes the king.*

CBS / Via

2. First of all, he's just a really beautiful person.

Mike Lawrie / Getty Images North America

3. And he has some really sick dance moves.

CBS / Via

5. Like any cool dad, he lets his kid eat cotton candy.

Getty / Noel Vasquez

6. He's also maintained a really healthy relationship with his ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow.


7. And he's the best to his fans.

CBS / Via

8. He also loves One Direction, which is super cool.

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9. Guy sure knows how to jump!

CBS / Via

10. He's good friends with the *QUEEN*

Instagram: @beyonce

11. And he rocked that Super Bowl stage, no matter what people say.

CBS / Via

12. Definitely not this years "left shark." No way.

Via Maddie Meyer / Getty Images North America

13. Chris, keep being bae.

Andy Lyons / Getty Images North America

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