15 Wig Wearing Dogs

Because these Instagram dogs just aren’t hairy enough.

1. Harley

He’s not just the president of the hair club for dogs, he’s also a client.

2. Minimus

He’s living the puggle life.

3. Samson

Always the life of the party.

4. Macaroni

The stooge without his Larry and Curly.

5. Paige

The introvert.

6. Maximilian

Sexy and he knows it.

7. Bruno

One awesomely cool pug.

8. Dude

He’s a beliber.

9. Angie

She’s Britney B*tch.

10. Cooper

He just don’t care, big brown eyes and wild wild hair.

11. Koko

He just can’t hardly wait.

12. Shin

Does it get any cuter than this?

13. Rocco

He’s on the right track, baby he was born this way.

14. and Nubi

The supermodel.

15. more Nubi

because she’s knows how to work it!

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