Memories Of Growing Up In An Italian Household

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1. You were forced to become an Altar Boy

2. Your friends had problems understanding anything your parents/grandparents said

3. If your friends didn’t have Italian names, your parents/grandparents completely butchered the pronunciation

4. Someone in your family spent majority of their day saying the rosary.

5. Not offering a guest an espresso was offensive

Everyone took pride in their espresso.

6. Your family were experts at sneaking in Cheese/Wine/Oil/Sopressata in their luggage

7. Attempting to Explain to your grandparents/parents what the computer was..

8. You ate one of these Sugar Lambs every Easter

9. You or someone in your family had the Malocchio, this is how they found out

10. Getting frustrated when people said the Italian flag was “Red, White & Green”

11. At family parties when the camera came around with the microphone, seeing the older Italians react to the microphone.

Some of them held it like a telephone, or held it far from them as if it had cooties, while others just stared at it like “Che cazzo e’?”

12. The Italian Elvis

13. American Idol, X-Factor, The Voice had nothing on San Remo…

14. Everyone had to stop what they were doing so your parents/grandparents could watch this every day

15. or this….

16. This was your favorite mouse before Mickey Mouse

17. After they finished watching Seria A, the TV stayed on so they could watch this

18. Everytime this lady came on the screen everyone marveled over how good she looked for her age

19. Soccer team rivalries caused wars

20. Whenever your family was talking on the phone with people in Italy they yelled into the phone as if that was the only way Italy could hear them

21. Your reaction the first time you heard someone speak Barese.

22. One of the first tasks your family gave you was to go out and buy bread

23. This is the Fanta your family loved, they don’t like the new one…

24. When coordinating a family party, the hardest part was figuring out who to sit with who

25. Your family kept record of how much people put in their envelope, so they could give the same amount.

26. Everyone knew someone who was putting in a work compensation claim…

These are the people that magically were perfectly healthy whenever a Tarantella came on during a family party

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