Fat People Problems

We get it, we’re fat….. here’s a list of problems you probably didn’t realize we had…… and yes, we all know if we lost weight these problems would go away. Don’t take this list so seriously either.

1. Standing on public transportation even if there are seats because you take up too much room.

2. People assume we only date other fat people.

3. Being compared to the fat idiots who make embarassing YouTube videos

4. Like you, we also hope that another fat person doesn’t sit next to us.

We also risk our picture being taken if we don’t fit somewhere

5. Fuck this place.

6. Everyone expects you to order a lot food and if we don’t they ask us if we’re on a diet

7. We all have that one friend that insists we join the gym them

8. People buy us clothes that are a size “L” or “XL” all the time.

We won’t even bother telling them the size is wrong.

9. Theres a chance we pass out if we spend too much time hunched over tying our shoes

10. Malls are useless for us

11. This is the only place really for us in the mall.

12. Big & Tall Stores are actually a lot more expensive than regular stores.

It actually costs more to be fat.

13. A long flight of stairs is our nightmare.

14. People who used to be fat are always trying to give us dieting tips

15. When a skinny person calls themselves fat…… we just want to kick you in the face.

16. No, we don’t want to be sumo wrestlers.

17. If you need to lose 5-20 pounds you’re not fat

18. It’s socially acceptable to make fun of fat people.

To be honest, we’ve already heard every comment you could possibly make, so don’t even bother.

19. These things are useless

20. Regardless of what we go to the doctor for, they’ll blame the ailment on our weight.

Could go in there with a paper cut, they’d tell us “well if you lost weight…..”

21. Ride harnesses are too small even skinny people have problems fitting…

22. Enjoy your meal with the side of the table stabbing you in the stomach

23. We’ve broken too many of these to count.

We also have to worry before going anywhere if they’ll have chairs that are strong enough to hold us.

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