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What Makes "Butch" Hot?

There’s nothing sexier than being yourself.

Karen Du • 3 years ago

Trans People And Their Partners Talk About Their Relationships

“Once you find somebody who is accepting of who you are and that loves you the same way that you love them, hold on tight to that because that’s a rarity.”

Hillary Lauren Levine • 4 years ago

How We Found Pride Being Trans

Being trans is an amazing gift.

Rocco Kayiatos • 3 years ago

What Is Female Masculinity?

"Masculinity goes beyond aesthetics."

Karen Du • 4 years ago

What Is Online Dating Like For Trans Women?

We need to talk more about love.

Jen Ruggirello • 4 years ago

Trans Men Discuss Online Dating

“You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince…or whatever.”

Jen Ruggirello • 4 years ago
Kane Diep • 4 years ago

What Should You Disclose Before Sex?

"I don't know why we don't talk about it more."

Kenny Moffitt • 4 years ago
Kane Diep • 4 years ago
Christopher Guerrero • 4 years ago