29 Fantastic Ways Yorkshire Celebrated The Tour De France

“Tek care, lambs on’t road.”

1. Well, first of all, Yorkshire covered itself in enormous bicycles.

2. Some were made out of people.

3. Some were mysterious crop circles apparently designed by advanced minds from beyond space.

4. Even Essex followed suit.

5. This one was created by chip purveyors McCain, and planted in a potato field near the Stage 2 route.


6. This one was made by smart people from the University of Sheffield. It depicts the Krebs Cycle, a process in which nutrients are transformed into energy in every cell of the human body.

The University of Sheffield / Flickr / Via Flickr: 121664676@N06

Luckily it also looks quite a lot like a bicycle.

7. In fact there were bicycles all over the shop.

Gearing up for Le Tour de France in Yorkshire. East Witton has gone bike crazy! @letouryorkshire @letour

— tammytourguide (@tammytourguide)

8. Huddersfield had this weird wicker angel-cyclist.

Bunting, lots of yellow, & willow sculptures on bikes, in Huddersfield for the Tour de France. http://t.co/uxSJqNJznE

— Barbara Smith (@BarbaraKnits)

9. This bike appeared in a wall.

MT “@alisonatkin: That is some amazing #drystonewalling! Yorkshire, you're doing t' Tour de France right! ” love it!

— Sara Hilton (@sara_hilton)

10. And these even appeared on some nails.

In honour of the Tour de France Le Grand Depart in Yorkshire :-)

— Lyndsey Beckford (@lyndseybruce)

11. There was helpful signage.

The Tour de France preparations pick up pace in Yorkshire.

— Fred Boycott (@FredBoycott)

12. Including directions.

How Yorkshire has welcomed the Tour de France #tourdefrance http://t.co/qNhBi2ReAw

— Radio Times (@RadioTimes)

13. (Near and far.)

A field with sheep in along the Tour de France route? "Baaarnsley"! Showing the world our Yorkshire humour!!

— Hallam FM (@hallamfm)

14. Then there were the dogs of the Tour de France.

Yorkshire dog Alfie welcomes the tour #tdf #tdf2014 #TDFselfie

— Christopher Tighe (@ChrisTiggy)

15. In their snazzy yellow sweaters.

#btposse #tdf #jrt I'm ready too!

— Pepper&Spot (@PepperandSpot)

16. And jaunty polka dot caps.

Lots of renditions of "Ilkley Moor bah tat" here. Coco is ready! #TDF @bbctdf

— Emma Glasbey (@emmaglasbey)

17. Some were already in Yorkshire.

Everybody is buying our Le Tour T-shirts. We even sold one for Rosie the dog today. #TDF #HebdenBridge

— Daisy and Sam (@DaisyandSam1)

18. Others were stoically journeying there by train.

Tour de France dog on train

— clara (@_claraclara)

19. And yet others were in Yorkshire in spirit.

@yorkshiretea Dougie enjoying his Yorkshire tea on le tour #teaonletour

— gary hynd (@ghynd83)

20. This total hero of a dad decided to give his kids the best view possible.

"@BuzzFeedUK: This Yorkshireman found the best way to ensure his kids got to see the #tourdefrance @alripon

— Dan Prosser (@Danprosser88)

21. This man dyed his sheep.

Tour de France craziness in Yorkshire.

— Jean-Paul Audouy (@jpaudouy)

22. As did this one.

Le Tour De France , Yorkshire style , great time to be In gods own right now #proudtyke

— amanda waddington (@sykoaj)

23. The Red Arrows did a fly-past.

Yorkshire loves The Tour De France @letour

— Steve Clark (@chapela1966)

24. And this man even undressed specially for the occassion.

Naked Tour de France spectator in Yorkshire?

— Tom the Bomb (@tightropetom)

25. The crowd was buzzing when all the cyclists lined up for the Grand Depart.

In pictures: #YorkshireGrandDepart for the #tourdefrance https://t.co/tE9lp4Q2Uk @GaryVerity @Welcome2Yorks

— Clare Burnett (@ClareBdaily)

26. And when the race reached the Buttertubs Pass, the tension was palpable.

#buttertubs #carnage

— Sam Rowley (@sam___rowley)

27. Well, sort of palpable.

"@janetrewhella: #TDFyorkshire Ey up. Reet warm. #otley " the best pic representing Yorkshire tour de france

— NYP Helmsley (@NYPHelmsKirkby)

28. Oh, Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Lad Leading Tour de France..

— EBAYGUMTREE (@savs66)

29. Never change.

A Yorkshire welcome for the Tour de France! http://t.co/38h1Y9dJx6

— The SPORT Bible (@TSBible)

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