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Working From Home On Instagram Vs. Reality

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Your morning workout on Instagram.

Endorphins fuel productivity!


Your dress code on Instagram.

Smart casual 4 LYFE.

Your home office on Instagram.

A place for everything and everything in its place.


Virtual meetings on Instagram.

"Let's get to it."

Lunch on Instagram.

"Proteins and wholegrains, YUM."


Paperwork on Instagram.

"Secretly I love doing admin because I get to break out my inner stationery nerd."

Work LOLs on Instagram.

Those cats in Accounting really are the bomb.


Working in a café on Instagram.

A change of scene can boost your productivty.

Socialising on Instagram.

Have your neighbour round for a cuppa to catch up on the local gossip and stop yourself going stir-crazy.


Working to a deadline on Instagram.

"Slow and steady wins the race."

The end of the day on Instagram.

"Aaaaand relax."

The end of the day in reality.

It's dark. You've started several side-projects and yet your work is still only half-done. You're only wearing one sock. Did you even brush your teeth today? Go back to the office tomorrow, for pity's sake.