11 Deeply Unsettling But Strangely Beautiful Photographs To Spook And Intrigue You

This is the photography of Christopher McKenney.

1. This is the work of Christopher McKenney, a conceptual artist from Pennsylvania. He calls his photography style “horror surrealist”.

“I’ve always been fascinated by horror and death,” he told BuzzFeed. “I remember watching The Exorcist as a kid and being hooked. I think everyone has dark thoughts; this is just how I project mine.

“Most of the images I’ve made I’ve seen in my head thousands of times. I find so much beauty in things that are ‘creepy’ and ‘weird’.

“I like taking away identity when photographing and to leave people thinking. I only make the photos I do to express myself and what other people see or think is up to them, as long as I make them feel anything I’m OK with that.”

View more of Christopher’s work on his site or Facebook page. Or, alternatively, take some deep breaths and look at this tiny bunny.

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