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24 Warning Labels That Need Warning Labels

Hot sauce will make me bleed from where?

1. This cry for help.

2. This surprising fabric.

3. Uh...

4. Sounds like one hell of a party.

5. This solid advice.

6. This apparent national apology.

7. This confirmation that Narnia is real. And is in Mexico.

8. This kudos.

9. This epic but misspelled prophecy.

10. This bad news for pretty much everyone.

11. This grumpy advice.

12. This advert for not eating hot sauce.

13. This very specific advice.

14. US warning (red) vs. UK warning (blue).

15. Whatever this is.

16. This.

17. Van Helsing lives!

18. This advice I, at least, am planning to follow.

19. Ouch.

20. Jeez, okay.

21. This product FROM (apparently) SPACE!

22. Flaming balls, you say?

23. This minimalist warning.

24. And this cat.