27 Struggles Only British People Will Understand

Important issues brought to light by the Twitter hashtag #britishproblemsnight.

1. Important social issues.

2. Disappointments like this.

3. Correcting non-British misconceptions about Britain.


6. Then facing this eternal struggle.

#britishproblemsnight I think we can all relate

— Isaac (@Isaac_Gardiner)

7. Weather, generally.

#britishproblemsnight its summer, honest

— catrin. (@5secsofvegemike)

#britishproblemsnight when your mum see's a drop of rain and is like

— PLEASE JUSTIN (@BiebsSwagStyle)

#britishproblemsnight when the weathers like this and you still have to do pe


10. Little old ladies.

#britishproblemsnight typical weekday mornings

— S (@healysnarry)

#britishproblemsnight the women that threw her cat in the bin being the headline story on the news everywhere

— Emma Harrison (@blue_eyed_emma)

12. When haters can’t handle our style.

#britishproblemsnight people still think its okay to wear leggings from primark

— abb (@abbybeddoe)

In 2009 everybody had shag bands #britishproblemsnight

— (@courtneybekah_)

"british boys are so hot" #britishproblemsnight


15. The science of tea.

#britishproblemsnight trying to decide between the different grades of tea using the H.M British Tea Chart

— Matt! (@Matthew__Lloyd)

16. The one true religion.

#britishproblemsnight everyone worships harry potter

— Jesus (@cigxrettejanos)

17. Iconic moments in British history.

#britishproblemsnight when 'Ablisa' was the best thing of X factor in history

— CARLiTO (@layingaegg)

18. #neverforget

Joey Essex everyone #britishproblemsnight

— Anna Cuthbert (@CuthblettLover)

19. Public figures.

#britishproblemsnight this is what the royal family does everyday tbh

— Ryan McGoldrick (@SearbhasOK)

20. Folk heroes.

#britishproblemsnight karl pilkington represents our attitude towards basically everything

— keiley (@keileyuni0nj)

21. … And villains.

#britishproblemsnight this says it all

— riz (@nickelodeonouis)

22. And, of course, lashings and lashings of local colour.


— ellie (@morezoelIa)

#britishproblemsnight "where's Wales? Is it the same country? What even happens there?"

— Matt! (@Matthew__Lloyd)

#britishproblemsnight basically this sums it up

— {-Emil຾-} (@aussiesarecool)

25. Hooray for Britain!

#britishproblemsnight "seats are available on the upper deck"

— sarah (@ohstylesirwin)

#britishproblemsnight the struggle

— not luke hemmings (@totoroclifford)

27. The struggle is real.


— jonna rogers (@Jonna515)

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