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This Woman's Facebook Cover Photo Game Is Exceptionally Strong

The rest of us may as well just give up trying.

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Redditor RubberDogTurds posted a selection of her Facebook cover-photo-and-profile-shot combinations to Reddit yesterday.

They are inspired and delightfully geeky.

She insists that these mash-ups are not difficult to create.

"Just work with the Facebook dimensions," she advised one impressed Redditor. "There are tutorials you can find that should have all the steps."

"There are even PSD templates you can Google and find," she added.

"I personally eye ball it with the Photoshop ruler since I have the dimensions memorized now."

For this Breaking Bad cover photo, she says she "just used this photo and extended the skyline upwards, from what I remember."

Well done, RubberDogTurds. Or Nikki. Whichever you prefer to be called.

The Facebook game is strong with this one.