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    This Billion Dollar Apartment Building Is The Most Exclusive Address In New York City

    We will never, ever live here. But we can dream.

    1. Welcome to 15 Central Park West, New York City's swankiest block of flats.

    2. To the super-rich celebrities, bankers, and other denizens of New York's upper crust who call the building home, it's just "15 CPW".

    3. It sits on the corner of West 61st Street and Central Park West, and is part of Manhattan's "Upper West Side".

    4. And houses a 20-person cinema, 14,000-square-foot gym, and 75-foot swimming pool.

    5. An apartment in this building would set you back around $40 million (the building itself is worth $1 billion).

    6. But you'd get to wake up to this view.

    7. And go to sleep to this one.

    8. And instead of a front garden, you'd have all 778 acres of Central Park.

    9. Author Michael Gross shines a light on the building's scandals, history and inner workings in his book, House of Outrageous Fortune.

    10. 15 CPW is made of a 19-level tower on Central Park West which is linked, via a glass lobby, to a 35-storey tower on Broadway.

    11. Sting, Denzel Washington, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, baseball star Alex Rodruiguez, and "one of the gazillionaire Google guys" are all said to own apartments here.

    12. The building was designed by award-winning architect Robert A. M. Stern, who also designed the Comcast Center in Philadelphia.

    13. Construction started in 2005 and finished in 2008. It cost $950 million to build.

    14. In case you can't afford to buy a flat here, rentals are available.

    15. Not many of us will ever become rich enough to live there.

    But we can dream.