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    29 Things That Only Happen In South London

    A black cab came here, once.

    1. This important headline.

    2. This terminally depressed bin.

    3. This confused lettering.

    4. This soup.

    5. This renegade.

    Man misses bus, so stands in road before arguing with Bexleyheath police:

    6. This terrifying 'creature'.

    'Creature' seen in Chislehurst pond may be an abandoned terrapin

    7. These standard ATM security measures.

    “@KhalilLDN: How you withdraw cash in South London ”

    8. These unexplained Morris dancers.

    9. That time the Bluth family business branched out.

    10. 'UKIP pie'.

    Nigel's Farage's Cudham local, the Blacksmith's Arms, HAS STARTED SERVING UKIP PIE

    11. This.

    Large bird spotted using zebra crossing in Thamesmead:

    12. This.

    13. This man and his ducks.

    Man walks a pair of ducks on lead around Peckham

    14. This window that cannot be found.

    15. These instrutions.

    16. This 'deranged crow' with a 'grudge against blondes' that 'picks off joggers'.

    17. This tip jar.

    18. This delightful bin.

    19. These Maasai warriors just hanging out and enjoying the cricket.

    20. This find.

    21. This urgent bulletin.

    22. This municipal seating.

    No expense spared on the new benches in Catford.

    23. This man tap-dancing on a post box.

    Long live Fritz, Lewisham borough legend. #IfYouKnowYouKnow

    24. This chippy.

    25. This teddy bear who's watching you.

    A rather disturbing sight at Catford bridge station today. Can anyone explain?

    26. This cash fox.

    27. Richard Blackwood, back by popular demand.

    28. This user-friendly parking ticket machine.

    Fabulous car parking machine design in no way meant to make you swear when tired. Thank you Lewisham.

    29. And "Catford fox horror for man on toilet".