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    The 13 Most Cinematic Moments Of "X Factor"'s Movie Night

    There is no Mel B, only Zuul.

    1. Tonight was movie night on The X Factor, and the judges adopted a Star Wars theme. Simon Cowell came as Han Solo's dad. Mel B was a sassy lady Sith.

    2. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini channelled Padme and Louis Walsh was, obviously, a perfect Senator Palpatine.

    3. Jake Quickenden performed in front of a troop of drowned Laura Palmers from Twin Peaks, which was pretty cinematic.

    4. And Stevi Ritchie celebrated the silver screen majesty of Footloose by actually having loose feet.

    ITV / Via

    He also told Dermot O'Leary about a wee he'd done earlier.

    5. But then Mel B, chillingly, morphed into Zuul from Ghostbusters, and it seemed to cast a shadow over the evening.

    6. Suddenly everyone's singing was kind of... off.

    ITV / Via

    7. Seriously off.

    ITV / Via

    8. Which wasn't very cinematic at all.

    ITV / Via

    9. The ill effects even rubbed off on judges Simon and Cheryl, who got into a very aggressive game of "Whose Hand Is Pointier"...

    10. ... And then broke up.

    11. Luckily, Fleur East turned things around with her competent Lady Marmalade.

    ITV / Via

    12. Andrea Faustini blew everyone away by singing Beyoncé's Listen while dressed as Sacha Baron Cohen in The Dictator.

    ITV / Via

    13. And then this chap from Stereo Kicks pulled the most Oscar-winning facial expression in existence, again, and it made everything okay once moe.