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    You Have To Meet The 16 Most Adorable Piglets On Vine

    No bacon today, thanks. Unmute these Vines for maximum viewing pleasure.

    1. Oh hi! You may have seen this piglet gallumphing joyously through the grass already.

    2. But have you met Pepper the piglet, who is perplexed by a mysterious wind?

    3. Or baby Iris, whose only weakness is tummy scratches?

    4. Actually, she has one other weakness: slippery floors.

    5. She also quite likes hanging out in bowls.

    6. But she is NOT a fan of being kissed :(

    7. Here is a very noisy piglet.

    8. This piglet just wants to know what legs taste like, FFS.

    9. This one really doesn't appreciate a carrot tease.

    10. This house-piglet has been defeated by a knee.

    11. This guy's so cool that he takes an itchy leg in his stride.

    12. This tiny grunting pig enjoys licking nothing.

    13. And also knows the value of a good long scratch.

    14. This minuscule fella is daintily suppin' some milk.

    15. This pork chop is juuuust drifting off....

    16. And this one is actually DREAMING OF TRUFFLES.

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