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That Viral Video Of The Paper Plane Hitting A Football Player Is Probably Fake

A paper plane did hit a Peruvian football player at Wembley. But it probably wasn't this guy's paper plane.

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A video purporting to show an England fan hitting a Peruvian player with a paper plane during a match has gone viral.


It has had over a million views on YouTube and been featured on the Huffington Post, Guardian and Metro.

In it, the unnamed fan launches the paper missile from the top tier at Wembley.

The plane seems to float down across the pitch.

Then it hits Peru substitute Hansell Riojas in the head, causing massive cheers.

Here's a close-up of the dramatic moment of impact.

But is it fake? Some YouTube commenters certainly think so.

Look closely and you'll see that plenty of other people were throwing paper planes.

You can see one emerge from the right at 0.07.

Meanwhile, the plane thrown by the guy at the start of the video disappears completely at 0.09.

It looks as though the trajectories of two different planes have been edited together.

Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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Incidentally, England won 3-0. Which made some people very happy.